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Life time acces to the step by step video lessons
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  • Setup your guitar and bass from home
  • Get rate of the Fret Buzz due to poor setting
  • Save numerous and costly visits at the Luthier Shop
  • Learn How to adjust the truss rod of your instrument without the fear of breaking anything
Meet Your Instructor

Let's make the presentation! My name is Pascal Scott and I am the proud owner of Scott Lutherie Guitare, a Montreal based guitar repair shop . Over the past 12 years, I have had the chance to help thousands of professionals and amateur musicians who experience different issues with their instruments. Going from simple adjustments to ‘neck reset’’ and fretting there is nothing I have not experienced in this luthier trade.

When it All Started

Since i was a kid, I always was passionate about music and Guitars. My earliest memory involving musical instrument goes back when I was about 4 years old. My father had just bought a brand new Fender Strat with a Blues Deville go with it. He sat me on the amp and started playing! From that point it, I fell in love with everything call music.

3 years of study and several guitars building projects later, I started my professional career as a guitar repairman in Montreal Canada. Most of my experience was made directly hands on, when I was hired at one of the most notorious Montreal Musical store. 2 Years of experience lead me to work at multiples place such as one of the major American musical instrument distributor and finally back to school, but that time, as a teacher.

After all of these experiences, I felt is was time for me to start something for myself. So I decided to follow my dream and start Scott Lutherie Guitare!

Several years and thousands of instruments repair later, we are now proud to introduce our first online training base off an already existing in person training called '' Luthier D'un jour''. (meaning, luthier for one day)

Luthier D'un jour Training

The Luthier training started out with one loyal customer who was so happy with the result he experience on his guitar that he ask me to show him how to do it. At that point, I had never had the idea of showing my knowledge to anyone else than my trainees, but for some reason, I felt like it would be a fun process.

In order to be a little bit more efficient, I invited 2 other clients to participate and a new Luthier School was born!

Today more than 500 people participated in our "Luthier d'un Jour" training in order to learn our unique techniques and measures!

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Course Breakdown

Module 1 : Plucked Instruments Theory

  • Types Of Finishes
  • Quick tips on Instrument Evaluation

Module 2 : Maintenance

  • Disassembly and Maintenance
  • Fingerboard Cleaning And Fret Polishing
  • ​Fingerboard Hydration
  • ​Electronic Cleaning
  • ​Contact Point Lubrication
  • ​Hardware

Module 3 : String Installation

  • String Installation Locking Technique
  • Classical String Installation
  • ​Acoustic String Installation
  • ​Floyd Rose String Installation
  • ​Tremolo Balancing

Module 4 : String Theory

  • String Tension And Scale Length

Module 5 : The Neck Adjustment

  • Neck Relief Measurement
  • ​Truss Rod Adjustment

Module 6 : Strings Adjustment

  • The String Action Measurement
  • ​Action Adjustment: Fender Type
  • ​Action Adjustment: Gibson Type (tune o'matic)
  • ​Action On Acoustic And Classical Guitar

Module 7 : Floyd Rose

  • Floyd Rose | How to work with it?

Module 8 : Final Steps

  • Intonation
  • ​Pickup Height Adjustment
What You'll Learn :
  • Get to know the specific DNA of your instrument. 
  • Get rate of problematic fret buzz
  • Quickly diagnose minor problems
  •  Adjust your pickups precisely 
  •  Keep your measurements up to date thanks to our work grid
  • Measure market value when buying or selling
  • Share your results with our exclusive online community
  • Save costly fees at the Luthier shop
  •  Become expert and help your pairs with their instruments
What people think
"This training by @scottlutherie has allowed me to take care of my many guitars without depending on anyone. I highly recommend!"
- Fanilo Andrianjafy, New Jersey
“I have always worked on my own instruments, the adjustment of the neck, the height of the strings etc... This video course gave me a new way of doing things and especially the right measurements. No more eye adjustments. ”
- Patrick LeBoutillier, Montréal
“An excellent practical step by step video training that gives you all the knowledge you need to do your own bass and guitar maintenance and setup. A comprehensive, well-explain and easy-to-follow course”
- Philippe Antoniotti, Los Angles
What You'll Get:
Lifetime access to ''The Luthier Setup Training'' 
 (Value Of $497)
Get to know the DNA of your guitar or bass and use our unique method to maximize the
tone and playability of your instrument! 
Our official measurement grid  
(value of 17)
This grid was developed and based on thousands of instrument over a period of 10 years. These measures will allow you to make what we called A PERFECT SETUP!
The Scott Lutherie Official Tool list
 (value of $17)
Do not buy tools that will catch the dust!
With our official list, know which tools are essential and where to get them!
Our Official Worksheet 
(value of $18)
Our method requires a consistency between each adjustment in order to obtain optimal results. Take note of the specifics of your guitar or bass in our worksheet!
Total Value: $549
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Learn how to adjust your truss rod without fear:
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Our One Time Offer!
✅ The Luthier Setup Training System.

✅ Our Official setup measurement sheet. 

✅ The Scott Lutherie Official Tool list 
✅ Our Official Worksheet 
Regular Price: $497.00
Take advantage of this one time offer for only:
Life time acces to the step by step video lessons
Only One Payment | $149
  • Setup your guitar and bass from home
  • Get rate of the Fret Buzz due to poor setting
  • Save numerous and costly visits at the Luthier Shop
  • Learn How to adjust the truss rod of your instrument without the fear of breaking anything
Our No Risk Warranty :
If before a 30-day period, you assess that this purchase does not help you in your quest for an instrument that plays to its full potential, my team and I will gladly refund this entire purchase!
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